With the lucky charm to the inspection.

Mit dem Glücksbringer zur Inspektion.

I clearly remember the day when I ordered raw materials for the production of my deodorant cream from my favorite chemist. At that time I was still producing in my kitchen. Small amounts - mostly at night when the kids are asleep. 

Back then, Manfred prepared me for the fact that, as I became better known and grew, I would also be noticed by people who would ask uncomfortable questions.
Of course I was aware of that. Ultimately, that is correct. Nevertheless, even then I felt a slightly queasy feeling in my stomach. 

And then, after almost 2 years on the No Bullsh!t roller coaster, the day had come. I got an email from the Food Inspectorate for Consumer Protection - an announcement about the inspection. My appearance on Swiss television was probably the deciding factor. As Manfred said - there are always two sides to attention.

It's like with everything - the FIRST TIME the nervousness is particularly high. For the first time since I started No Bullsh!t, someone will take a close look at my products, my lab, my work and most importantly, ME. 

Don't get me wrong, that's a good thing. Really. The laws in the field of food and cosmetics are constantly being adjusted. New, even stricter regulations have been in force since last year. I don't want to bore you with the fact that every product needs a 30-50 page document at the end. Only so much - it is quite a lot of work and currently poses a challenge to all manufacturers.
Me too - and for once I'm glad that my range is still fairly manageable :). 

So the last few days I have been preparing everything for this day at full speed. The previously electronically filed certificates and safety assessments of my products are all printed out and neatly filed in folders. The laboratory cleaned and disinfected even better than usual. And talked to many lovely people - who encouraged me, gave me tips and assured me that everything will be fine. 

I have no idea what to expect. As I said - THE FIRST TIME. I am nervous. But I'm also happy. The day had to come. And in the end I want to do everything right. I want to be able to say that No Bullsh!t is a brand that YOU can trust. I want to play in this market - with all the consequences that has. 

Today's control doesn't have much to do with luck - the guidelines and processes are pretty clear. Still, I have it with me - my lucky charm. 

Fingers crossed - I'll report how it went after today. Even if something wasn't perfect - HONEST cosmetics, remember?!


  • No Bullsh!t on

    Die Inspektion hatte einiges an den Texten auf dem Online Shop zu bemängeln und ich musste etwas an den Etiketten auf den Produkten anpassen. Es hat viel Zeit, Nerven und auch Geld gekostet.
    Keine Ahnung, wem ich diese Aktion zu verdanken hatte :) aber ich habe auf jeden Fall wieder einiges dazu gelernt und werde auch für eine nächste Inspektion bestens vorbereitet sein.

  • Jasmin Ryser on

    Hallo Nicole. Wie ist denn die Inspektion gelaufen? Lg

  • Gabriele Mengucci on

    Wuensche dir viel Glück 🍀

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