About Us

We don't need bullsh!t.

“I like honesty and simplicity. I teach my daughters to eat healthy, to take care of their bodies, to appreciate the little things, to show a lot of love and compassion - to be good people."

Nicole Blum, founder of No Bullsh!t


Being a mom has certainly strengthened this claim. And yoga. And good friends with whom I can have exciting conversations. In recent years I have dealt a lot with nutrition, sport and personal hygiene. Always with the focus on reducing what is unnecessary and with the aim of knowing what the respective products contain.

Our team likes to experiment and optimize.

If you want to take care of yourself and value honest products without bullshit, then you will definitely like our products.

To reduce

Cakes don't need sugar to be delicious. You don't need an expensive fitness subscription to stay fit. You don't need aluminum salts in your deodorant to stay fresh.

We don't need bullshit. What we need are honest products and the opportunity to do something good for yourself and your body - and also for the environment. We should learn to reduce our everyday life and the things around us.

The Team

After a few years as a medical practice assistant, I switched to advertising and marketing many years ago. A few years have passed since my training as a marketing specialist, during which I was able to gain a lot of experience. Including in cosmetics.

My passion for cooking and baking is somewhat similar to making cosmetics :) and I love developing products in my laboratory in Aarau.

Miriam has been supporting me with her broad know-how in marketing and sustainability since 2022 - but above all she is the perfect partner to push No Bullsh!t forward, to develop great products and to have fun.

We hope that we can pursue this passion for a long time to come and make the world a little bit better.

Nicole & Miriam