Whenever possible, we choose containers for the No Bullsh!t Deo Cream and Lip Care that can be reused. Used and returned containers are cleaned and reused - in an upcycling process, they are turned into scented candles. Containers that are too badly damaged are sorted out and properly recycled.

However, we can only reuse the BIG 50ml CANS. You can dispose of the small ones directly in the aluminum. This is how they get back into the cycle.

Here you will find the scented candles.

The topic of packaging plays a major role in the development of new No Bullsh!t products and we try to reduce and/or reuse as much as possible. That doesn't always work and the perfect solution isn't yet on the market, but we take this issue very seriously and will continue to optimize and develop it further.

This is how returns work.

Please wash the empty containers (large cans) with warm soapy water. You can reuse the mailer for the return shipment. Close the container well and send it back to us. Please write us the sender on the envelope or a note so that we know who the cans are from.

Empty cans to:

No Bullsh!t GmbH
Nuerichstrasse 17B
5024 Kuittigen

what do you get for it

If you are a member of our FAN PROGRAM , we will credit your account with valuable points after receiving the empty cans (no matter how many there are). You get 250 points on your account* for your returned cans - you can later convert these points into shopping vouchers.


Thank you very much for participating!

*You have to register once on our website to benefit from great offers. You can return cans a maximum of 4 times a year and thus collect points (max. 1000/year)