Solid cosmetics, also known as "zero waste cosmetics" have become increasingly popular in recent years. We love the many benefits they bring.


Traditional liquid cosmetic products are often available in plastic packaging, which accounts for a significant portion of global plastic waste. In contrast, our solid cosmetics come with minimal packaging. Our solid cosmetics also contain only natural ingredients and mostly no preservatives. Another advantage of solid cosmetics is their yield. Because they are in a concentrated form, only a small amount of product is required and they last significantly longer. Due to the water-free formula, they are also much lighter and thus save CO2 in transport.

Travel Companion

Solid cosmetics are also ideal for travel and on the go. The compact size, their reduced weight and the lack of liquids make them the perfect travel companions. So you don't run the risk of spilling them in your luggage and you can also take them in your hand luggage. We have also thought of a practical travel companion.

Our Products

In the future we will focus even more on solid, water-free cosmetics and continue to expand the range. Not only because we are convinced of their sustainability and effectiveness, but because traveling with them is even more fun.

So if you also want to make a positive contribution to the environment and at the same time want to use high-quality care products, then you should definitely discover our solid products.