No Bullsh!t makes honest cosmetics. Products without bullshit but with high quality ingredients. We do not use alcohols, artificial colors, fragrances or preservatives. All products are vegan and we do not test them on animals.We are a member of "1% for the Planet" and support environmental projects.


A gift for friends and family became a successful product and later a business idea. No Bullsh!t is a heart project and this passion is in all our products. You will notice.


We do not use alcohol, artificial colors and fragrances, aluminum salts and parabens in our products. All products are vegan, the ingredients are organic whenever available.

The range will continue to grow and we look forward to more great products that we can continuously present to you. We develop the products in our laboratory in Aarau and then implement them with experienced partners.


Sustainability is particularly important to us. It is an incredibly large and complex topic. So far, 90% of the products are produced in Switzerland, the rest in Austria, and regional partners guarantee short transport routes. When it comes to packaging, we are always looking for the most sustainable solution - which can be implemented with the resources available to us. Our guiding principle: REDUCTION - in all areas.

For a better future.

Not everything is perfect at No Bullsh!t yet, but we are working on it. On our exciting path to honest and sustainable cosmetics, we want to do good for the world. For this reason we are a member of «1% for the Planet». With every purchase of a No Bullsh!t product, you help us to make the world a little bit better. Every year we donate 1% of the total income to selected projects that are close to our hearts.