Water in Cosmetics

Water is one of the most common ingredients in cosmetics. Usually with the task of dissolving water-soluble, solid or gaseous active ingredients in a formulation. It also serves to improve the product consistency and makes it soft and spreadable, for example.

Creams become lighter and smoother by adding water. However, water is often used as a filler as well, mainly because it is inexpensive. But where there is water, germs are not far either.

Products that contain water cannot be kept (for a long time) without the addition of preservatives.

Impact on the Environment

Water in our cosmetics can be harmful to the environment.

The addition of water usually dilutes a product, its effectiveness decreases and the consumption of the products often increases as a result. The more products we need, the greater the pollution of the environment and the amount of packaging.

The products are also often heavier due to the water content and thus generate higher CO2 emissions during transport.

Advantages of Water-free Cosmetics

Originally, the "anhydrous concept" was about increasing the effectiveness of cosmetic products.

The demand for clean, sustainable and travel-friendly cosmetics has increased significantly.

However, one should be aware that anhydrous products are often slightly more expensive as they are more concentrated. In addition, the new technologies for manufacturing anhydrous cosmetics are more expensive, which also affects the price.

But, the higher the concentration, the less product you need and the longer it lasts. The water-free products are usually much more sustainable than the conventional water-based formulations.

Great travel companions

Water is always the "weakest link" in cosmetic formulations. It can become contaminated very quickly and must be preserved with preservatives. Water-free cosmetics therefore get by with little or no preservatives.
The packaging is also simpler for water-free cosmetics. It is usually smaller than with conventional products and does not have to be airtight.

When travelling, water-free, solid cosmetic products are the perfect companion. They can be carried in hand luggage, are small, light and do not leak.