No bullsh!t In The Media

Here you can find interviews, reports, podcast or videos about No Bullsh!t and the founder Nicole Blum. We couldn't tell the story any better - enjoy listening and watching.

March 2024 - Great feature in Ladies Drive Magazine

Our travel set has made it into the selection as a beauty recommendation for spring! This makes traveling fun.

Report on TeleM1 - "The Young Entrepreneurs"

TeleM1 also visited us as part of a series about young entrepreneurs in Aargau. It was a great report.

February 2023 - Interview in GO OUT magazine

We are particularly happy about this great feature and the fact that we are slowly gaining a foothold in western Switzerland.

February 2023 - The Solid Perfumes in the Drogistenstern

The Drogistenstern presents our perfumes on the last page. We were very happy about that, especially since drugstores are great partners for us.

January 2023 - we did it again: Gala

We are always particularly happy about a feature in the gala. They presented our new Solid Perfumes.

January 2023 - Femina introduces our Solid Perfume

We are particularly happy about this nice feature in western Switzerland!

December 2022 - No Bullsh!t at reported on No Bullsh!t in a comprehensive report. This feature drove us quite a bit of traffic - yay!

June 2022 - No Bullsh!t wins the evecommerce award.

At this year's Digital Commerce Award we were nominated in the categories! In the categories "Body & Touch" and "Sustainability" we landed on the podium - in the category "evecommerce" we were even able to take home the win.

January 2022 - at BRIGITTE Switzerland.

The issue of BRIGITTE is about changes, courage, decisions. How fitting that No Bullsh!t and our philosophy is featured next to the editorial. We are happy!

January 2022 - Use case in the new GRÜNDEN magazine.

The new GRÜNDEN magazine explains how to set up a company based on the Business Model Canvas and great practical examples. We are delighted to be part of this great publication.

December 2021 - The No Bullsh!t story in Greenpeace Magazine Switzerland.

Not only do we now know what founder Nicole Blum would look like as a comic book heroine :). We were particularly happy about the feature in the "Actions not words" section, as it is exactly what No Bullsh!t wants: to make a difference.

November 2021 - A great article in TVSTAR

"Sonja shops" - Sonja Hüsler from the TVSTAR editorial team tried out the No Bullsh!t products and wrote a great report. We are excited about this feature.

November 2021 - No Bullsh!t in GALA Switzerland.

We are particularly pleased about this feature. A dream of every cosmetics brand: to be in GALA one day.

November 2021 - Interview on MytreeTV

The MytreeTV platform is dedicated to sustainable topics and we are pleased to be represented in the series of exciting interviews.

No Bullsh!t on SRF ECO.

No Bullsh!t was portrayed in the February issue of the ECO business magazine on the subject of natural cosmetics.

January 2021 - Interview on the Carpathia Blog.

Carpathia wanted to know what has changed since I won the Digital Commerce Award. You can find the interview on the Carpathia Blog.

September 2020 - Report on

After winning the Digital Commerce Award, the editors of contacted me for a report.

Thanks for the great article.

September 2020 - Interview with the Canton of Aargau Economic Development Agency

The Canton of Aargau's business development agency visited me in my laboratory and wanted to know everything about No Bullsh!t and my victory in the Digital Commerce Award.

Thank you for the great interview and your support.

September 2020 - Mach-dis-Ding podcast with Nico Vogt

Nico Vogt interviews entrepreneurs on his platform "Mach-dis-Ding" with the aim of encouraging others to become self-employed.

I am very happy to be a part of this great podcast series. It was great fun. Thank you Nico

September 2020 - No Bullsh!t wins the Digital Commerce Award

I was overjoyed to receive the winner's trophy and 5,000 prize money in the "Startup" category at the Digital Commerce Award on September 15th.

I am very happy about this award.

August 2020 - Now open - in the annabelle

The No Bullsh!t Shop is featured in the "Now open" section of annabelle. Reading your name in annabelle - that feels great.

August 2020 - Interview at Kanal K

Jürg Morgenegg invited me to his show "K wie Kontakt". It was a wonderful, far too short hour. Thanks for having me! I love radio.

July 2020 - Report in the Aargauer Zeitung

The Aargauer Zeitung visited me in my laboratory and wrote a great report about me and No Bullsh!t.