No Bullsh!t is now also available on BRACK.CH

No Bullsh!t gibt es jetzt auch auf BRACK.CH
Since the realignment and expansion of the range, you can also buy natural cosmetics at BRACK.CH. I admit that at the large online retailer, we don't (yet?) think of deodorant creams and body care products first. But - I think it's great that "the big ones" have also understood that natural cosmetics and sustainable products are important and exciting.

All the better that they also support start-ups and regional products and include them in their shop - I'm happy.

What does that bring you as a customer?

1. If you order from the wide range of BRACK.CH, you can also order the great No Bullsh!t products in the future.

2. BRACK.CH's well-equipped logistics center enables delivery within a day - perfect for last-minute orders.

happy shopping

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