What a start.

What a start.

I launched my online shop today and the reactions have far exceeded my expectations. Thank you everyone for sharing and liking, for the great feedback and congratulations and for ordering. <3

Orders came in late into the night and I will fulfill them as best as I can tomorrow. I've put a lot of heart and work into this project over the last few months and I got pee in my eyes a few times today. Thank you for liking No Bullsh!t and for testing the products. You are awesome.

Ready to be sent away orders

I'm working flat out on new products, improving my processes, learning a lot about costs, inventory, chemistry, natural cosmetics and commerce :) and will start training as a natural beautician this year. It's all so exciting and so fulfilling. My first training as a medical practice assistant is once again paying off. I also know a bit about marketing and I also have the dream designer in the house - so you can be curious about what's to come. I'm happy for that.

I'm looking forward to your feedback!

Sincerely, Nicole


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