Crowdfunding for new SOLID SHAMPOOS.

Crowdfunding für neue SOLID SHAMPOOS.

Solid shampoos will soon be available at No Bullsh!t. 

In order to finance the production, however, we depend on your help. We have started crowdfunding and are happy about any support. On the project page you can find out more about the campaign and how you can support us. 

Why solid shampoos? 

Solid shampoo is basically the same as liquid shampoo. He was only deprived of water. This makes it very compact and significantly more productive. In addition, a solid shampoo comes with a very sustainable packaging - packed in cardboard or even completely without packaging. 

Solid shampoo should not be confused with hair soap. This consists of other ingredients such as alkalis, oils and fats - and is produced by saponification. 

The solid shampoo contains the same ingredients as the liquid variant, but is available as a block due to the dehydration. 


The solid shampoo is much more economical - that's why the price is often higher than for the liquid shampoo. However, it does not contain any plastic and is also a great, space-saving, hand luggage-compatible companion when travelling. 

If you also want to switch to solid shampoos and want to try out the 3 great varieties from No Bullsh!t, then you can pre-order the set now at a special price . If we reach the funding goal, we'll start production immediately and hopefully we'll be able to ship the shampoo bars this fall. 


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