Our most important ingredients

Unsere wichtigsten Inhaltsstoffe

In our cosmetics we only use natural ingredients. All raw materials are vegan and whenever available in organic quality.

Vegetable raw materials have incredibly great properties for our skin and in phytotherapy (herbal medicine) this knowledge about plants and their effects has been used for centuries. Plants and their oils, extracts and active ingredients also play a central role in natural cosmetics and the possible uses are almost unlimited.

On our new page "Ingredients" we have put together some information about the most common and important ingredients. The overview will of course increase as the range expands, as we put a lot of thought into the sensible and effective use of the individual raw materials in our products.
No Bullsh!t uses high-quality raw materials and concentrations that are balanced and sensible. We don't use any raw materials that harm you or the environment, and we don't make any promises that we can't keep.

Using active ingredients in irrelevant concentrations just so the label can say it's there - unnecessarily lengthening the ingredient list - none of that exists at No Bullsh!t. We make honest cosmetics.

We hope you enjoy immersing yourself in the world of oils, plants and active ingredients.


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