A slightly different look back at the year.

Ein etwas anderer Jahres-Rückblick.

“We can write the book ourselves – there are enough free pages.”
from Mark Forster's song «We are tall.»

It's December 30, 6 p.m. I'm sitting in my favorite cafe. After presenting my certificate, now without a mask. The staff serves in masks. It's quite busy. All tables outside are also occupied. It's 12 degrees warm. End of December. The world is weird even on this second to last day of the year. I watch the guests. Hide behind my laptop with plans to write a newsletter.
Friends everywhere. Familys. lovers. Each with their own story. With own plans, dreams maybe also fears for the new year.
I could write over 1000 topics at the same time. Do you know that? 

I could write about Covid
and how it made the year difficult for me due to high transport costs and a lack of raw materials.
How a mom with 2 children tries to somehow manage the company and private life in addition to all the corona measures, quarantines etc.
How the question of vaccination status makes life even more difficult in the already messed up dating world.
That we're all getting fed up with it. 

I could write about No Bullsh!t
and that I am looking forward to the next year and the challenges ahead.
That I will invest a lot in the development of new products.
That I am increasingly asking myself whether the time has come to hire someone.
How Alan Frei's podcast on "Persistence" motivated me to keep going today.
How much I appreciate and need the exchange with fellow founders. 

I could write something spiritual
and anyone who knows me knows that I love doing it.
How I sit here in the midst of strangers and practice being open and benevolent to everyone.
How I think we should stop judging others without first making the effort to get to know them.
How easier life is when we stop taking everything personally.
I love to reflect and not just the end of the year. Self-reflection is what really gets us further in the end. allowed us to grow. 

I could also write about gratitude
For my two daughters - who are such incredibly great people.
For YOU - and how you support me on my way with No Bullsh!t.
For the many great encounters in the last year.
The exciting inquiries, the new mandates as a lecturer and coach, for example at SIMAKOM in Lucerne.
For my health. 

I'm just realizing that I've already exceeded the critical length for a blog by far. And you will get a medal if you read all this :) and a warm hug from me - with best wishes for the New Year.

Stay healthy (I'm not thinking about Covid). Stay open and benevolent. Stay a dreamer. reflect. Laugh. Laugh much. Take care of yourself and our earth. No bullshit, ok?! :) 

Sincerely, Nicole

Image by @mediamodifier on unsplash.

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  • Andreas Käppeli on

    Danke Nicole für die guten Wünsche! Ich bin sicher, du packst auch 2022 .-).

    Ich lade dich herzlich ein an meiner Safari teilzunehmen. Schau mal rein www.TalkingMarketing.ch
    Herzliche Grüsse

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