How much foam does a shower gel need?

Wieviel Schaum braucht ein Shower Gel?

I launched the new shower gels in the summer and I am very happy with the product. The feedback has been very positive so far - but a few times customers wrote me that the shower gel "foams too little for their taste". 

As always, I am very appreciative of such feedback and in this case I can understand that the foam may actually be an important factor for some. But what is the foam all about?

What makes a shower gel foam? 

For creating foam in shower gels, soaps or shampoos  are surfactants responsible. The so-called washing-active substances have an important function: Surfactants reduce the surface or boundary surface tension between water and water-repellent, oily-fatty dirt. They improve the solubility of dirt and fat deposits in water. This makes it easier to rinse off dirt and grease. 

What does this mean for our skin?

However, every shower and soaping also attacks the protective layer of our skin. A shower removes the dirt, but also fats and sebum, which are valuable for our skin. This disturbs the natural skin germs that are important for the balance and protection of the skin. 

The more a shower gel foams, the more it attacks the oil film on the skin. It is deprived of moisture; it becomes rough and dries up. 

How about the No Bullsh!t Shower Gels?

My shower gels contain only plant-based surfactants and mostly amphoteric surfactants. This surfactant group combines the positive properties of anionic (negatively charged surfactants with high cleaning power) and neutral (gentle, uncharged surfactants, e.g. sugar surfactants) surfactants. They are mild but still have good cleaning power and even very decent foaming power! In addition, they are readily biodegradable.

Another large proportion of the ingredients make up the so-called sugar surfactants. Their hydrophilic (water-loving) head consists of a sugar molecule. They hardly affect the skin barrier at all and also greatly reduce the irritation potential of other surfactants. But they hardly foam for it.

Most cleaning products are a mixture of different surfactants in order to achieve good cleaning power, foaming and as little irritation as possible for the skin. Not easy :). 

The No Bullsh!t Shower Gel definitely makes your skin clean, even if it might be a little less lathering than conventional products. But your skin will thank you. 

In combination with the effective deodorant cream you feel fresh all day long. 


  • Monica Hegglin on

    Wenn man das Duschgel auf einen Duschknäuel gibt und etwas durchknetet, entsteht sofort viel Schaum. So kann man auch den Verbrauch des Gels reduzieren.

  • Heinrich Weidmann on

    Als guter Schaumbilder kann ich unser Hydriol CLA Natrium Caproyl/Lauroyl Lactylate
    empfehlen! Mild, nicht austrocknend zur Haut, naturkosmetik tauglich!

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