Handmade - Romantic, but not suitable for the masses.

Handmade - Romantisch, aber nicht massentauglich.


It was right at the beginning under every No Bullsh!t product. And admittedly, there is something romantic about products that are "handmade". But as you know, romance isn't everything 

The Deo Cream and soon the Lip Care are now made by machine. This for various reasons:
- The required quantity is simply no longer tradeable 
- My quality standards are very high.

- I like to rely on professional partners and benefit from their experience.
- Always with the aim of making the best products for you.

The quality of the products gains a lot from the machine production and the continuity and hygiene can be guaranteed for every single product.
I'm always very excited when I can look over my shoulder at the factory during production and finally get to hand scent the products myself.
So there is still a bit of romance involved 

All my products are 100% natural, contain raw materials from organic farming and are vegan.


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