Sustainability has many aspects.

Nachhaltigkeit hat viele Aspekte.

What does a deodorant cream have to do with your laundry?

Conventional deodorants and antiperspirants often contain alcohol and synthetic perfumes, which get stuck in the fibers of our clothes. If we sweat, these artificial fragrances mix into a - you know that - rather unfavorable smell. This sticks to the clothes, not to mention the discolouration that can also occur on light and dark fabrics. This means that the garment ends up in the wash after just one day - your laundry mountain grows.

The natural deodorant creams from No Bullsh!t prevent the growth of bacteria and thus the unpleasant smell of sweat. The cream stays where it belongs, namely on your skin. The valuable ingredients and the essential oils of the deodorant cream care for your skin, smell subtle and fresh and do not settle on your clothes. They also do not discolour the fabrics.

Remember, it only takes a small amount of Deodorant Cream to keep you comfortable all day.

You will find that you can now wear garments for several days. Your clothes will not smell unpleasantly of the perfume-sweat mix. So your mountain of laundry won't grow as fast and you won't have to wash as often. Which in turn has a positive effect on the environment.
Sustainability always has several faces. 🙂

Photo by Chrissie Kremer, unsplash.

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