Sustainable packaging for new products.

Nachhaltige Verpackungen für neue Produkte.

The search for sustainable cosmetics packaging is a major challenge. It is an incredibly complex and large topic and opinions on it are very diverse. The industry is not ready for the ultimate solution yet. 

Apart from that, every product makes different demands on packaging in terms of its type, quality and area of ​​use. Because not all materials are suitable for all products.
Opinions also differ greatly among customers:
There are advocates of glass packaging. Those who want everything made of paper. Still others prefer to buy everything “unpackaged”. It's tough. 

And each packaging has individual advantages and disadvantages. In addition, how sustainable a product actually is often has very little to do with the packaging chosen in the end - it only makes up a small part of the ecological balance of a product. But, it is a very “visible” part for customers. 

In addition, sustainable packaging is expensive and small companies - like No Bullsh!t - usually fail because they cannot buy the required minimum quantities. 

What I want to say. I've spent weeks, no months, on this topic and I make life difficult for myself with each of my product developments because I'm looking for the most sustainable packaging. I am quite sure that this topic will continue to occupy me greatly. 

I'm always looking for the best possible solution - it may not always be perfect. But I'm working on it and constantly evolving. When I decide on a packaging, I have checked all the options beforehand and selected what I think is the best and most realistic solution. 

This is also the case with Green PE - Green Polyethylene is an alternative to conventional fossil polyethylene based on renewable raw materials. It is not made from crude oil as usual, but from sugar cane waste, which offers clear advantages over conventional polyethylene: the crude oil is replaced by a renewable raw material and the sugar cane, for its part, binds a lot of CO2 while it is still growing. With regard to various environmental balances, one ton of Green-PE saves around two and a half tons of CO2.

For this reason, some of my new products are filled in Green PE bottles. In extra large bottles so we need less packaging. The bottles can be recycled with conventional plastic. They are light (thus save on transport costs), they protect the contents, they are safe for use in showers in the bathroom - these are the decisive criteria in addition to the eco-balance.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment or contact me! 


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