Wash your hands - naturally.

Hände waschen – ganz natürlich.

The last few weeks have focused heavily on our hands. It has been shown that washing hands properly is an important and successful measure to protect against viruses.

Every time we wash our hands, however, we put a lot of strain on our hands and remove important fats from the skin. Especially in people with sensitive skin and children, this quickly leads to redness, dry and irritated skin.

It is all the more important to use a gentle and nourishing soap that does not contain any aggressive, synthetic substances.

Cleaning and care

The natural hand soap not only cleans thoroughly, it also restores valuable moisture to your skin. They are available unscented or in the "Lemon Aid" version - with valuable essential oils that have an antiviral , antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. It is 100% natural, organic and vegan.

No Bullsh!t LAB

The Hand Soap appears as the first product from my LAB Row. These are products that are still in the test phase or only appear in limited editions. LAB gives me the opportunity to implement ideas quickly and without major hurdles. With the hand soap, I start with a fragrance-free and a fragrance variant that smells delicious and has a strong antiviral effect. I purposely chose big bottles (500ml) to reduce waste, but at the same time I am still looking for a sustainable solution for the packaging.

In the meantime, you can pamper your hands with the natural, biodegradable hand soap and do something good for the environment.

Stay healthy.

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