NEW - Lip Care Nude Fragrance Free

NEU - Lip Care Nude Parfümfrei

Now new for everyone who is looking for a fragrance-free lip care.

As popular as flavored lip cares may be, many prefer fragrance-free lip care. The Lip Care Nude contains just as valuable oils as the Lip Care Juicy, Minty and Rosy - I just didn't use any fragrances at all.

I use only natural essential oils for all products, no artificial fragrances. In addition to the fact that nature gives us wonderful scents, they also have an effect on our well-being. Therefore, I always use essential oils for several reasons. The fragrance plays an important role, but it is not the first priority when choosing my products.

As valuable and beneficial as natural oils are undoubtedly, they still contain allergenic substances. For this reason, whenever possible and sensible, No Bullsh!t offers a product variant that is fragrance-free. The Nude line now includes the Deodorant Cream Nude , the Hand Soap Nude and now the Lip Care Nude.

The Lip Care cares for your lips with valuable apricot kernel oil and almond oil. The vegetable candelilla wax gives your lips a silky shine. Like all No Bullsh!t products, it is vegan and organic.


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