The new Deo Cream Gentle for sensitive skin

Die neue Deo Cream Gentle für empfindliche Haut

I am so proud of this recipe. The gentle formulation of the new Deo Cream Gentle cares for and soothes stressed skin. The cream is therefore particularly suitable for people with sensitive skin or neurodermatitis.

Even after shaving, this deodorant cream is very pleasant and pampers your skin with valuable macadamia nut oil. The gentle scent of lavender has a calming effect and the antibacterial effect of the lavender oil supports the effect of the deodorant cream.

The Deodorant Cream contains around 40% less baking soda and no zinc oxide. It is in no way inferior to the other No Bullsh!t Deo Creams in terms of reliability. It protects you all day long - even during sports.

Give it a try - you'll love the velvety feel of the formula.


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