Why «No Bullsh!t»

Warum eigentlich «No Bullsh!t»

A few days ago someone commented on one of my posts along the lines of the following: 

The name is bold but polarizing! Doubt this one will resonate with the "women" demographic - as it is very generic and not "cosmetic" either. 

I like honest feedback - even criticism. In the best case, this is ultimately justified and you can learn something from it. This comment, however, has concerned me more than others - and I want to say a few things about it. 

Why this name at all?

This question rightly comes up often. There's no incredibly creative story behind it, though.

No Bullsh!t is made up of my initials “NB” and sums up exactly what my products and philosophy stand for. There are enough THINGS and empty promises on the market - especially in cosmetics. I want to make honest natural cosmetics that are fun. No empty promises, no unnecessary ingredients, no unnecessary waste of resources - No Bullsh!t. And since I like a bit of rebellion, the name fits perfectly. "Cosmetic"-sounding names for cosmetics - after all, anyone can do that. :) 

On the criticism that the name does not appeal to the “women” target group. 

Apart from the fact that most women think the name is great - women are not my target group. They are PEOPLE. 

People who value honest, natural, sustainable, vegan natural cosmetics. Wanting to take responsibility when purchasing products. Who don't smear crap on their skin without thinking. Taking care of the world. Who like to buy regional products. 

I've worked in marketing for 20 years. I have been teaching budding marketing and sales professionals, marketing and sales leaders for 13 years.
Believe me, I have defined countless target groups in my life. And yes, dividing the target audience by gender can help. 

But I really think we should stop thinking in gender terms. 

At No Bullsh!t there are products for everyone who is looking for honest natural cosmetics. There are no men's or women's fragrances. why? It doesn't matter at all. Why shouldn't men want to buy deo cream!? Why should women not feel addressed by my name?!

That's bullsh!t.


  • Agi on

    Danke für das gute Deo. Ich habe schon einige ausprobiert, aber keines war so gut wie dieses.

  • Irma Waldburger on

    WOW! Hochachtung und Anerkennung für diesen Impuls – für diese Umsetzung. Was für eine Achtsamkeit, was für eine Wertschätzung und was für einen Respekt, den MENSCHEN gegenüber und der Natur gegenüber. Kognitive Wirkung die diese Sensitivität beim Kauf eines Kosmetik-Produktes von einem beklemmenden Gefühl in einer strahlenden Natürlichkeit verwandelt. Ausserordentliches, jedoch erforderliches Einfühlsvermögen und Mut in Bewegung für dieses Geschäftsidee. Wunderschönes und wirkungsvolles Zusammenspiel von Nachfrage und Angebot – welche sicherlich eine Stabilisierung sowie eine Steigerung des Bekanntheitsgrades mit sich zieht – grossartiges Renommee.

  • Michelle on

    Ich finde den Namen super! :)

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