The new No Bullsh!t Solid Perfumes are here!

Solid perfumes already existed in Egypt. They mixed scents in oil and made ointments that way. The great thing about solid perfumes is that they also care for your skin and contain no alcohol.

Of course, they are a little weaker than the usual perfumes that are sprayed on and sometimes it takes a little longer for the scent to develop - as it is bound in oil. But it fades less quickly than scents linked to alcohol. Of course, the No Bullsh!t Solid Perfumes contain only natural ingredients. Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Berry Wax and Essential Oils - No Colorings, No Artificial Preservatives - No Bullsh!t. Of course, the Solid Perfumes are VEGAN.

They fit in every handbag - do not leak and, thanks to their consistency and size, get through every baggage check when traveling. You can apply it very selectively, dose exactly how strong it should smell and there is also no unpleasant cloud of fragrance, should you want to "refresh" yourself on the way. :)

Our Solid Perfumes not only smell heavenly, they are also beautiful to look at. We can't get enough of the cool sliding boxes with the colorful special characters - can't you?!

You can find more about the individual fragrances under the respective Solid Perfumes .


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