New recipe. New prices. New Products.

Neue Rezeptur. Neue Preise. Neue Produkte.

My dears,

I have so much news that I don't even know where to start. The last few months have been incredibly intense, surprising, inspiring, overwhelming and fulfilling. A cosmetics label unexpectedly emerged from a Christmas present for friends and family - No Bullsh!t.

The No Bullsh!t Deo Cream became a real hit and has so far exceeded all my expectations. The deodorant cream seems to have its finger on the pulse - natural, vegan and sustainable cosmetics. Even critical customers are now fans and I am happy that I was able to end the search for the perfect deodorant for so many. Thank you all for your trust and the great feedback.

However, the great demand presented me with new challenges and my high demands on quality and short delivery times forced me to look for a solution. I'm glad that in this short time I've found a partner who supports me in the production of the deodorant creams. The consistency of the deodorant cream is even creamier and softer thanks to this new production method. I have also revised and improved the recipe again and I am happy to announce that ALL deodorant creams are now VEGAN! They now also contain vitamin E (tocopherol) and are now even easier to apply.

There is now the Travel Size in the 15ml size (previously only 10ml) for on the go and the 50ml size for at home. The 30ml size will be removed from the range. The Lip Care is also now available in a 15ml jar instead of the 10ml.

Since sustainability is important to me, you can buy the products that are still available in the shop at a special price - while stocks last.

The new formula is expected to be available from November . In this unique changeover phase, I ask you for a little more patience - delivery delays are to be expected. But you can already order the new products today - they will be delivered from November.

And in the next few days I have a lot of Christmas surprises for you - so it's worth waiting a little longer with the Christmas presents :). I'm looking forward to it!



  • Simi on

    30 ml war auch meine bevorzugte Grösse weil sie perfekt in Höhe ins Schubladenschränkli passten. Aber ich kann’s ja selber mit einem Spateli umfüllen. Haben inzwischen eine beachtliche leere Dösli-Sammlung :)
    Freue mich enorm auf das Serum. Brauche grad alles auf was ich zu Hause habe um
    dann nur noch deines zu benutzen. Habe schon Entzugserscheinungen vom Probedösli das ganze 6 Wochen lang ergiebig war.

  • Stefanie on

    Schade dass die 30ml aussortiert wurden. Fand ich eine gute Grösse um ab und zu evtl. den Duft zu wechseln. Beim Lip Care muss ich sagen, dass die 10ml schon eeeeewig halten bei mir. Bin noch nichteinmal in der Hälfte :-) Da musst du lange warten bis ich die Döösli zurückschicke, falls du die überhaupt noch nimmst jetzt?

  • Katrin Lauper on

    Hey Cousine gratuliere dir härzläch zu däm neue Schritt mit dene mega tollä Sachä. Freue mi mega für di. Si si dr Hammer. Muntsch

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