Which fragrance suits me?

Welcher Duft passt zu mir?

After I've already received a few inquiries about the fragrances of the DEO CREAMS, here's a little guide to help you decide.

No Bullsh!t and Fragrances - Basically
Since natural fragrances can also contain allergens, I use as few fragrances as possible in my care products and usually only one oil - no fancy mixtures. No bullsh!t stop.

In addition, I plan to offer a "nude" variant for each product group so that people who are allergic to fragrances can also use the products.

Depending on the product, a strong scent is neither useful nor desirable anyway. The Deodorant Cream, for example, is only very lightly scented and the Lip Care is also scented very subtly. There will be other products where fragrance will play a more important or even a major role. But we can't reveal too much just yet. :)

When it comes to care products, I don't differentiate between women's and men's products. My fragrances are unisex and just a matter of taste - regardless of gender and age. A brief overview of the different fragrances in the Deodorant Creams will surely help you to find your favorite fragrance:

The royal version of the Deodorant Cream is scented with pure organic bergamot oil. It smells fresh and lemony - like an Earl Gray black tea. The scent is very subtle and is equally suitable for women and men.

It is one of the best-selling fragrances.

Just smells divine. The organic frankincense oil gives the deo cream a special scent. Woman/man likes him or not. But, don't be put off by the fact that it's incense. As an oil in a cream, it smells very fresh and pleasant and is equally suitable for women and men.

One of my personal favourites.

Soft and sensual. The mixture of jasmine, orange blossom, rose geranium and sandalwood is the “most intense” of the deodorant creams. It is a bit reminiscent of incense sticks and balmy summer evenings in Thailand. It tends to be bought more by women, although some men like the scent as well.

naked. For everyone who likes it simple and natural. Nude is completely fragrance-free - smells of coconut and a little caramel-like due to the wax it contains. The effect is of course the same, only the perfume is missing.

I hope this helps you decide. The best solution is still: you order the trial set , smell through all the scents and simply give away the ones you don't like. :)


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