Fragrance-free - or your own fragrance.

Parfümfrei - oder dein eigener Duft.

I love scents and I can say that I have a good nose for scent combinations. The fragrances of my products are therefore a particularly important part for me in the development and I am proud of each and every one.

Nevertheless, there is a fragrance-free variant for every product line (if it makes sense) - NUDE. Fragrance-free products are not only great for allergy sufferers, but also for anyone who consciously wants to avoid fragrances.

Isn't it often the case that conventional cosmetics are heavily perfumed? From shower gel to body lotion to face cream and hair style products, everything smells - and often very intensely. For this reason, the No Bullsh!t products are all very subtly scented and the scents are unisex.

The great thing about fragrance-free products is that they can be scented individually. With high-quality, natural essential oils, everyone can create their own product. You can mix your very own product from the Nude Shower Gel or the Nude Hand Soap.

If you have any questions about fragrances, I am happy to help you.


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