Wellness at home - bath bombs for the Aargau

Wellness für zu Hause - Badekugeln für den Aargau

Water has played an important role as a healing force in the Canton of Aargau for thousands of years. With the claim "Where water works wonders", brinkertlück is now positioning the canton of Aargau as a bathing canton.

Spa canton of Aargau

The four thermal baths Therme Zurzach , Bad Schinznach , the "sole uno" wellness world in Rheinfelden and the "Fortyseven" wellness spa in Baden are the focus of the campaign. The well-known model Manuela Frey acts as a communication ambassador. 

Especially in the cold season, the pools are very popular and wellness offers are a welcome balance to the often stressful everyday life.

A highlight of the campaign are our 100% natural bath bombs, which we were allowed to produce exclusively for the campaign and the four baths. As an Aargau startup, we are proud to enrich the campaign of the canton of Aargau baths with our products.

The balls can be bought on the Aargau Tourism website and at the individual pools. They smell seductively of lavender, mango/passion fruit, sandalwood or seaweed.

The solid bath bomb pampers the skin with shea and cocoa butter. This is how the skin is cared for when bathing and feels very soft - creaming after bathing? Not with these great bath bombs. 

Get a piece of wellness and relaxation at home.

Bad Zurzach - Mango/passion fruit
Mango and cocoa butter care for the skin and protect it from drying out. Maracuja oil also supplies the skin with vitamins. The ball smells exotic of passion fruit, vanilla and orange. Sole Uno Rheinfelden - seaweed/sea salt

Cocoa butter and coconut oil gently care for the skin. Grape seed oil and spirulina algae act as a natural anti-aging agent. In addition, the sea salt cleanses and smoothes our skin. The fresh scent is reminiscent of the sea breeze.

Fortyseven - sandalwood
Shea and cocoa butter care for the skin, olive oil provides additional moisture. The tart scent of sandalwood, nutmeg and sage refreshes when bathing.

Bad Schinznach - Lavender
Shea and cocoa butter nourish the skin and make it supple. The scent of lavender takes us to Provence.


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