Giving makes friends!

Schenken macht Freu(n)de!

A few months ago I had already reported about two batches of the Deo Cream, which did not meet my quality requirements. For inexplicable reasons, small crumbs had formed in the Deo Cream. This did not affect the effect of the cream, and the crumbs were in no way alarming - but applying the cream was not as pleasant as usual.

At the time, I decided to communicate this fact openly and since destroying the deodorant cream was not an issue for me, I decided on 2 solutions:

1. The products are available in the shop at a reduced price as B-goods. And many have already benefited from this - I think it's great!

2. I wanted to donate a (large) part of the Deo Cream.

With "Zürischenkt" I found a great project to donate my deodorant cream. So I went to Zurich personally on December 21st and delivered around 700 deodorant creams.

Volunteers packed these into more than 1,000 packages and then distributed them to the refugee centers in Zurich. I am very happy that my deodorant cream, along with many other great donated products, was able to put a smile on the faces of so many people at Christmas time.

You can find out more about the project at

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  • Simone Palencias on

    Schöni Idee!!

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